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Nice to meet you!

Hi, I am Jerome.

Vary Studios is my current main focus – please check out our website and get in touch in case you are curious to discover how web 3 and blockchain technology will elevate your business.

Then, feel free to learn about previous products, roles and influences.

I am a strategic thinking UX director and a hands-on product manager.

I help my clients formulate their product formula – I build, lead and integrate teams of talented designers and developers to deliver prototypes and polished products. 

I simplify and solidify product ideas, identify and solve the challenges of their development, ship them and get them used. 

I have 10+ years of experience in the fine arts industry, fashion, architecture, education.

What I do

I work as an independent Product & UX Designer, Product Manager and Advisor.

I help ask the right questions, formulate the product hypotheses and setup the validation framework. I use my passion for language, design and research to pin down the verbal and logical layer of a product.

Product Modelling
I collaborate on business models, refine value propositions, evaluate competitors, align strategy with goals, concretise documentation and design briefs and sharpen presentation.

The brand of a product is not only a communication driver, but it’s also an essential part of the interaction. I make sure this is addressed at the right time by the right people.

Product Management
Building a roadmap and making sure the product vision is translated into tangible increments of a product – I foster the environment for co-creation of the product value. I manage the product backlog, write and organise user stories and epics.

I use my international network to find the players of a team and make sure they sign on to the same mission and deliver in time.

UX Design
I deliver the design artefacts necessary to communicate and build a product. I mostly use Sketch, Figma and InVision to build and illustrate user journeys, wireframes, screens, prototypes & style guides.

Agile doesn’t stop after shipping: incremental steps will move any product closer to their user needs. This requires an iterative approach to analysis and testing.

I will support you in all your marketing and communication efforts, help develop meaningful omnichannel campaigns supported by high-value testimonials.


Why I do it

Challenging an idea early enough allows for creating higher value, being more efficient in building a product and making a more enjoyable impact on people lives. A good interface transcends both the user-centric philosophy of a company and its ambition to serve with sustainability. Digital products communicate their vision and their companies perception of their customers each and every time they are used. Finding the right language, tone and intensity is key to success. 

Selected Clients


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