Digital relaunch of a fashion label

Job Info

Client – Band of Outsiders / CLCC llc
Duration – November 2015 until October 2016



Brand Strategy
Communication & PR Strategy
Project Management for Website, Digital Marketing & Participation New York Fashion Week FW2016


Collaboration Partners / Teammates

Art Direction / Graphic Design – Thomas Berger
Creative Directors – WeberHodelFeder

Together with Thomas Berger, we went on a 11 month adventure into the international fashion world to support the relaunch of the fashion brand Band of Outsider regarding their branding, online communication strategy, public relations. No regrets!


My duties were incrementally extended from drafting and executing the online strategy, building the website and activating the social media channels to overseeing all the communication work, PR and the preparations for the show.
Thanks to the mutual trust with the company leadership, I could successfully integrate parts of the agile/SCRUM framework and their respective tools to handle both the internal workflows to build the brands storytelling and collaboration with our PR agencies and the show producers.


Starting from scratch, the creative directors ambition to have a clean cut in all brand matters subsequently resulted in a tabula rasa moment in the media department I was picked to lead. We developed a new brand storytelling wrapped around the symbolism of Los Angeles nostalgia and west coast hip hop in european culture.
Our pre-show content strategy would heavily rely on moodboards composed by handpicked photographers and textual approximations of the references to the icons of the americana influenced millenials.
I aggregated a content creation and publishing plan for as long as the new garment line was not to be disclosed.

The Website

Over the course of our campaign, we published four website versions including a live webstream of the show and the webshop of the presented collection. The brand design consisted of a custom developed grid layouting system that would allow to wrap the text content around positioned images along with a strong logo and simple typographic system.

The Show

The conclusion of the project was both also its highlight. While coordinating the development of the websites with our developer in Athens, Greece at night, I joined the creative team and our production company MHT at the Fashion Week New York to give support in all ways to make the show happen: coordinating seating with PR, printing invitations and leaflets, managing the team of photographers, video producers and showroom helpers.
Maybe the best way of staying in New York is working day and night, which seems the most natural way of life in the city.



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